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Black Tie Nights
Length: 35m 10s
Hollywood Sexcapades
Length: 29m 12s
Tanya X Ep 1: Jungle Fever
Length: 11m 09s
Agent Tanya X, The Girl from B.I.K.I.N.I., goes undercover in the Amazon Jungle. Will smuggler Ricardo see through her disguise as easily as he gets in her pants?
Tanya X Ep 2: Is It Fake?
Length: 11m 45s
Someone is passing counterfeit money and with the help of some gadgets from Newton, Tanya X has been assigned to the case. Will she be able to uncover those responsible before the economy is completely destabilized?
Tanya X Ep 3: Ye Olde Sex Shoppe
Length: 11m 28s
Agent Tanya goes undercover at a sex shop to uncover a counterfeiting ring. There, she meets Sandy, who may be more than she seems.
Tanya X Ep 4: Big Balls and Knockers
Length: 12m 28s
Agent Sandy Bottoms reveals the source of the counterfeiting plot, Mob boss "Big Balls" Parkers and his busty sidekick "Knockers" Malone.
Tanya X Ep 5: Fraternization
Length: 10m 05s
Agent Tanya meets with her boss, Director Martin, who has more in store for her than Tanya realizes.
Tanya X Ep 6: An Old Flame
Length: 10m 31s
Agent Tanya discovers she will be working with her ex-boyfriend, FBI Agent Cooper. Can they put their past behind them for the sake of the case? Or is history determined to repeat itself?
Tanya X Ep 7: Hitting the Mattresses
Length: 9m 10s
Tanya is being trained in the ways of the mob by turncoat Tony Baritone. Can he turn Agent Tanya into a credible mob agent in time for her undercover meeting with "Big Balls" Parker?
Tanya X Ep 8: Lap Dance at BB's
Length: 12m 20s
Tony meets with "BB" to set the stage for Tanya's undercover assignment. It's BB's assistant, "Knockers", that gets Tony's attention!
Tanya X Ep 9: Tanya meets Big Balls
Length: 11m 07s
Tanya, undercover as Angie Palozzi, meets with counterfeit ring leader "Big Balls" while Cooper and Sandy get reacquainted in the back office.
Tanya X Ep 10: Libido Enhancement
Length: 10m 36s
As Tanya gets ready for the big meet, Director Martin shows Newton, Jr. just what type of equipment she's interested in.
Tanya X Ep 11: Truth of Dare
Length: 9m 59s
As Tanya shows up for the meet, "Knockers" gets her to accidentally swallow the truth serum. The truth will certainly set this pair free!
Tanya X Ep 12: Smokin' Hot 3 Way
Length: 11m 50s
Title says it all! It's the big showdown at the auction for the counterfeit plates. Identities will be revealed and loyalties tested.
Zane's Sex Chronicles
Length: 30m 47s
Zane's Sex Chronicles
Length: 30m 54s